Modelmakerij Hengelo is a full-service supplier. We produce moulds for items including components for the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, water treatment, the medical sector, designer products, games consoles and hi-tech products for a wide range of industries.

Our experts are involved in providing innovative solutions, from the design phase onwards. Experienced CAD/CAM draughtsmen then produce technical drawings of the concept, which serve as the basis for a high quality mould.
Modelmakerij Hengelo is a subsidiary of the Gietburg Group: A powerful conglomerate. Its various expert disciplines are combined to supply a superior quality product.

The Gietburg Group specialises in cooperating with customers to produce a total design: From the development of casting moulds and purchasing, to the production of fully assembled components and rotomoulding products.


Modelmakerij Hengelo BV is a member of Europe’s International Association of Rotational Moulding Enterprises, which enables us to consistently supply the highest levels of quality, expertise and service.


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